Walking in Pajottenland

Where to go walking when in Belgium? There are a large number of walking clubs and there is a website (walkinginbelgium.be) that lists all the events in each area from each club throughout the year. Generally at the weekend or on holidays there are a number of walks not too far away from any part of the country. You can simply turn up and pay a few euros (unless you are a club member) to take part, choose the distance and off you go. The routes and distances are well sign posted and there are usually a couple of places to stop for refreshments (sandwiches, beers etc)

and getting your card stamped (Controls).

While in Brussels, we joined the Pajottenland Hekelgem – an 18km walk round the area of Affligem on a sunshine and shower day –  with rolling countryside, woods and wheat fields –  a short drive away from the capital. Lovely!