Greuzi Ferdinand

In May the snow is melting in Switzerland and we should be heading off to those Alpine meadows – we had that on Saturday morning with a wander down to Zug Altstadt with a view towards the Rigi mountain and the Zugersee – but that early summer sun came to nothing and it was a day for the cinema.

Not to be outdone by the rain and low clouds we went for a walk in through the damp and misty woods by Gottschalkenberg above Oberägeri – the woodmen had been busy arranging the newly chopped tree trunks in geometrical piles. Meeting the few other walkers along the way it is the custom to greet each other in Swiss German “Gruezi mitenand” / or do they think I’m Ferdinand….?

With views to Zurich See and the Au Peninsula below – let’s do this on a fine day

A pew with a view

And more geometry to be seen in a walk around Baar in the Swiss houses

Grienbachstrasse, Baar

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