Summer in the city

And we returned for a few days to an unusually hot Buenos Aires before leaving for home.

While the UK and Europe were in the middle of Storm Doris, Buenos Aires was experiencing extreme weather –  hot and humid with torrential rain in the late afternoon. The rain caused streams to form in the streets with every news channel report on the TV reported on these torrents in Buenos Aires and the struggling  traffic – in  Avenido 9 de Julio in the centre lagoons had formed and the cars and mopeds floundered around. We got drenched when we made a 5 minute dash round the corner to our bright and spacious Airbnb apartment in leafy Belgrano.

We had visited the immigration museum in Puerto Madero and on our way back across the small park area in front of Retiro Station, Arne felt something on his back and two girls came up to us and said that we had birdshit on our backs and started daubing us with water and tissues. Well we realised that it was distraction and we hung onto our bags and kept turning around while the girls tried to ‘help’ us to clean the ‘birdshit’ on our tee shirts. Extraordinary birds that got both of us on our backs (and my ‘hit’ was even in the shape of a zorro sign!) and not our heads. We then both spotted a guy not far away and at that point the girls disappeared. My t shirt was ruined as it was some kind of dark liquid which I couldn’t get off. I later googled ‘birdshit scam Buenos Aires’ and it is a regular type of scam around BA and in front of Retiro Station – they usually try this distraction try to get the day packs that people are carrying. I keep a small amount of cash in my bag and my cards are kept in my old running belt which is unobtrusive and well under my clothes.



Puerto Madero

This week it was extraordinarily hot in Buenos Aires – 37 degrees and humid. We had a couple of  sticky journeys on the Subte and hot treks across the city so since there were a few cinemas in Belgrano so decided to retreat to the comfort of  the air-conditioned cinema on a couple of afternoons –  Friday is the cheap day in the multiplex in Belgrano ARS60 (£3) – and the films are sub-titled and not dubbed into Spanish. Mind you, the first part of ‘Lion’ when its set in India is in Hindi and Bengali………..


2 thoughts on “Summer in the city

  1. Oh the T-shirt was £3 in the January sales so no worries. Good not to get caught out by the scammers indeed – I think if we had been hit by birdshit that complete strangers would point it out and not start daubing you with tissues and water…..


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