Colonia del Sacremento

Colonia del Sacremento is in South West Uruguay – and we had planned that we could travel from Tilcara to Colonia in one day. It was a bit of a tight schedule as our flight from Salta to Buenos Aires was changed to leave a couple of hours later than when we originally booked.

Driving back to Salta from Tilcara we took the faster roads from Jujuy and so avoiding any jungle roads. In principal we had more time on our hands but perhaps we lost that when we arrived  in Salta from a different direction……

Coffee Break


The flight was delayed slightly – weather conditions (which made the flight marvellously bumpy!) – so when we got to Buenos Aires we caught the Colonia Express . There were a few choices of quite fast ferries across the River Plata to Colonia so we picked one based on our arrival time in Buenos Aires. All were about a 30 minute taxi drive away. It was a bit chaotic buying the ticket but we caught a ferry and got to Colonia in the early evening.

The old town is a world heritage site and we stayed in a delightful airbnb right in the historic centre with cobbled streets, pretty old buildings and old cars

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