Salinas Grandes de Jujuy

About 80 km from Tilcara are the Salinas Grandes of Jujuy – salt plains. It takes about an hour of climbing from Purmamarca  – over a paved road which snakes gently upwards with panoramic views looking back towards the Rio Grande. The road leads on to Chile.

The salt flats are bright white and can be seen as you cross over the pass. We noticed that a lot of the salt seems to have disappeared in the last 9 years and the size was not as expansive as we remembered. There were also a number of lorries lifting the salt – none now. It is thought that this can be due to climate change and the mining that has been going on.


We returned to Purmamarca and stopped to photo the winding road’s descent to the valley. When we carried on and reached the bus in the photo, we were flagged down by a bus company employee and gave him a lift to Purmamarca so that he could reach his bus company so that he could get assistance for the broken down bus! It was a long distance bus on its way from Corrientes to Chile and was now stuck without Airco or a phone signal…..

img_0953Purmamarca is another pretty little town in the Province of Jujuy with a colourful market in the main square and surrounded by more colourful mountains.

Out last day in the Northwest of Argentina!

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