Tilcara – a room with a view

Tilcara is a town North of Salta in the Province of Jujuy and is just off National Route 9. It is about a three hour drive according to directions so seeing the sign post for National Route 9 and Jujuy as we headed north out of Salta – we followed that……

This road wound its way upwards with hairpin bends up and down over jungle covered hillsides and single lane tracks with many animals – cows, goats and horses wandering freely… and in addition, it appeared that no lorries were allowed on this road! This was strange for the main road between two provincial capitals we agreed. We came to realise that we had driven into the Yungas Jungle and that the main route was another road – National Route 34……. In the end it took us well over 4 hours to reach our destination!

National Route 9 from Salta to Jujuy

We stayed in an apartment high above  the pretty town of Tilcara with great views across the surrounding coloured mountains.

Thursday saw the start of carnival with jeuves de compadre with dancing, a procession and music

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