Flamingos, pumice and dunes of El Penon

Close to the hosteria in El Penon is the nature reserve of Campo de Piedra Pómez which has an area of huge, amazingly pristine white dunes.
Further are rocks of pumice created by a powerful volcanic eruption millions of years ago which shaped them into strange and beautiful formations. Mother Nature at work as sculptor!

On the other side of El Penon we needed some patience to cross the stony track to cross the Campo de la Paciencia at donkey’s speed.
After mastering some more beautifully coloured mountains we reached the Laguna Grande (4300 m) where thousands of flamingos live during this time of the year.
In the winter, these beautiful creatures fly off thousands of miles away to Florida.
A bit further under some rocks in the middle of the sand our guide spotted the leftovers of a vicuna eaten by a puma. The footprints of the puma were still visible in the sand.
The Puna is beautiful but life here can be tough!

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