Tales of abandoned sulphur mines and old railway stations
We crossed the Salar de Arizaro – a distance of approximately 33km – and drove east, passing a huge lava flow, to visit the abandoned railway station of Caipe.
The road over the Salar is straight as an arrow but very wobbly. Once we turned off towards Caipe Station, the road was paved. This was done by the army who once were the owners of a large sulphur mine – Mina Casualidad.
The station was built to serve the sulphur mine and when it became uneconomic in the 70s it was closed and abandoned and Caipe station with it.
The station sits on the railway line from Salta to Chile where  a monthly train still runs.
The wide views across Salar de Arizaro from Caipe Station are stunning and will leave you speechless.

3 thoughts on “Caipe

  1. The landscape certainly has it!!
    On this drive to Caipe from Tolar Grande we passed two or three 4WDs on the round trip (approx 100 km) so I asked who drives on these roads – ‘Only miners and a couple of crazy tourists’ was the reply………


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